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Lawyer Saves Life

I was in a legal quagmire before finding Matt Benzion. I couldn’t think straight or sleep well. My driver’s license was going to be suspended by the State, and I was facing contempt of court charges. I was uncertain about my future. Matt took total control of the situation and had my entire case resolved, without going through a trial. I have my licence, my piece of mind and most importantly, my life back. Amazing Results !!!!! Highly Recommended.

-Posted by George, a Child Support client
I strongly recommend this lawyer

Matthew Benzion is a fantastic lawyer. There is no doubt that a divorce is one of the most challenging and stressful things a person can go through. Matthew made this transition as painless as it could be. He was professional, persistent and always available. I would recommend his professional services to anyone who needs a calm and confident lawyer to help guide them through such events. Thank you Matthew!

-Posted by Jessica, a Divorce client
Great Attorney!

Matthew Benzion was extremely helpful and offered fast responses. I had at least a dozen questions a day during our adoption case and he was always quick to respond no matter what time of day. Matthew followed up on paperwork and tracked down answers and always kept me informed. I will continue to use his services in the future. Besides being knowledgeable and helpful – he also actually cared. After the case was closed he was smiling too.You could tell that he was personally happy with the way things all worked out. He is very compassionate and understanding of all types of situations.

-Posted by an Adoption client
A Lawyer Worth Keeping!

I hired Matt on a very short notice of a court appearance on financial issues with my ex wife. I was amazed at how well prepared he was given the short time frame. In fact, he was more prepared than the opposing attorney who had the case for several months. Matt did a great job resolving my issues as we won on nearly all the issues. He is very personable, understanding, and communicated with me when I had questions.

I have had many lawyers over the years. I would hire Matt again in a heartbeat. I felt Matt really understood and cared about my situation. I find that very refreshing compared to other lawyers I have hired in the past!!!

-Posted by Shawn, a Family client
Domestic Relations

Finding yourself in a life-altering situation is extremely difficult. Finding legal counsel who is smart, knowledgeable, honest and sensitive makes the situation so much easier. Matt Benzion is such an attorney. His ability to read a situation and a client’s psyche while abiding by the laws is to be commended. His gentle guidance and sage advice led me through a very difficult time. He is an attorney who listens to his clients and allows this fundamental knowledge to provide the best client-attorney relationship possible. I can not recommend him highly enough.

-Posted by Barbara, a Divorce client

I echo the reviews of all other of Matt’s clients. He’s amazing. He is first of all a caring human being and second an excellent lawyer. For my divorce I hired two other lawyers before him who were more than glad to take my money and do nothing. With Matt from the beginning it was different, he understood, planned, and worked with me all the way through and we got to the final court with a very satisfactory agreement between my exwife and I that we would have never reached without Matt. He worked very hard and looked at every single detail of the agreement to make sure I wasn’t going to be stuck with something that I was going to regret later on. At the same time that he was working on my divorce he helped me on two other legal issues and once again, like a champ. Like others already stated, he is very human and will take your case personally, something rare with lawyers. I absolutely recommend him.

-Posted by Jose, a Divorce client
Remarkable Family Attorney - Highest Recommendation

Knowledgeable but not arrogant. Strategic but not aggressive. Patient but timely. Responsive, concise and highly effective.

Matthew Benzion has my highest recommendation! I hired Matthew Benzion for my child custody case after retaining a previously well-known attorney. My son’s mother had every intention of delaying the case to the point of obstructing any progress. There was a custody order in place which gave her majority time-sharing; needless to say, it was an uphill battle. We failed mediation, failed multiple negotiations and ended up going to trial. Mr. Benzion guided me to not only overturning the existing court order but winning majority time-sharing of my son.

Peace of mind: Mr. Benzion handled her and her attorney’s strategy with tact and precision. He was persistent and continually reminded me of the bigger picture. Along the way, he understood and communicated which battles we should fight and which ones we shouldn’t. At no time did he lose sight of the end-game and at no time did he promise me a specific outcome. He patiently and carefully dealt with matters at hand and reminded me to do the same.
Responsiveness: Mr. Benzion always responded quickly and concisely. He was also communicative when issues arose that I needed to be aware of.

Demeanor: I had the opportunity to have Mr. Benzion represent me at 5 hearings during the course of my case. I was present for two of these hearings as well as a 7 hour trial. He was always very well prepared, eloquent as well as objective in his delivery. During the course of the case, I also had many conversations with Mr. Benzion regarding too many issues to list. His solutions and advice were mature and sound. I never finished a conversation questioning his knowledge or his proposed solution.

If you are looking for an attorney that is going to bury your ex or strip your child away from the other parent, Mr. Benzion is not your guy. But if you are looking for a fair, objective, and judicious attorney, look no further.

-Posted by Donnie, Child Custody Client
Matt Benzion Has Been Phenomenal

I am a mom that has been actively engaged in a four year long custody battle. Anyone who is in this position knows the anxiety, the trepidation, and the feeling of powerlessness that, unfortunately, is a part of child custody battles. During the first two years these feelings were only amplified by the inadequate charlatans, (a.k.a. attorneys), whom I had chose to legally represent me. These people took my money and let me down time and time again. After arriving at the conclusion that it was an endless racquet, I chose to go pro se. It was during this period that I was referred to Matt Benzion. I retained him, and from the first time he represented me; in front of the same judge, everything changed for the better. Matt is a fighter, indeed. Very professional and tough. To me he is a total success. I truly believe it is Matt’s character and conviction that has made all the difference in this case. As a family law attorney you cannot ask for more than Matt Benzion. His concern form me and my son is nothing short of genuine. Other lawyers I have retained have seemed to use fear for their benefit, (at least in my opinion). Matt Benzion is an authentic human being, a rarity in this profession. If you are looking for an attorney that truly cares and is truly professional, Matt is the one.

-Posted by a Mother, Child Custody Client
I Would Highly Recommend Them!

My experiences with Attorney Benzion and his secretary Christine have been amazing! Matt is very personable and made himself available for all of my questions. Believe me, legalese isn’t my area of expertise so I had tons of questions! I deeply appreciated Christine’s kindness and patience with me. She was extremely helpful in keeping me informed of the details of my case. Due to their professionalism and expertise, they skillfully resolved an extremely emotional case within a critical timeline. I would highly recommend them!

-Posted by a Mother, Child Custody Client
I Was Lucky to Have Mr. Benzion as My Advocate/Attorney

Obviously, going through a divorce is not fun, but luckily I was referred to Matt Benzion. He worked with and supported me in navigating me through the process. I was lucky to have Mr. Benzion as my advocate/attorney. If I was using someone else, I think it could have been a miserable process. To anyone considering a divorce attorney, I highly recommend Mr. Benzion.

-Posted by a Divorce client
He Was Always Reachable and Attentive to My Divorce Action

I was an extremely lucky man to have met Matt. He guided he through a difficult divorce timeline of 14 months. He was always reachable and attentive to my divorce action. In court, he was more prepared and pled my case with professionalism and a very articulate style. He did not go over the budget he set forth in our first meeting. Highly recommend him.

-Posted by a Wayne, Divorce Client
He Has Excellent Customer Service and He is Humble

I hired Mr Benzion a couple months ago with when things hit the fan with the mother of my two kids. Everyone told me I would lose the case. Mr Benzion made magic happen and won the case. He is one of the best, if not the best Family lawyer in South Florida. He has excellent customer service and he is humble. I strongly recommend him if you need a family Attorney.

-Posted by a Father, Child Custody Client
I can honestly say I don't know how I would have made it through without him

I don’t even know where to begin. I am not an easy person. My divorce was not an easy one. It was long and complicated and I was probably one of Matt’s most demanding clients for the last year and a half. But I can honestly say that I don’t think I would have gotten the level of service I got from Matt anywhere else. I could text him at 11pm on a Friday night when there was an emergency and he would respond almost immediately (please don’t do this to him, if at all possible lol). He worked seamlessly with opposing counsel to save me literally thousands of dollars in legal and court fees. Despite how complicated my divorce was and how difficult my ex made things, we still settled out of court and Matt fought for me every step of the way. It takes a special person to deal with someone like me during literally the most stressful time of my life and I can honestly say I don’t know how I would have made it through without him. I’d recommend him over and over.

-Posted by Tiffany, a Divorce & Child Custody Client
He always got back to me right away with answers to my questions.

Matt was amazing to work with. He was extremely quick to resolve my case and draft all the legal agreements. He always got back to me right away with answers to my questions. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer friends and family to him that may need his services.

-Posted by Vicco, a Divorce Client
In a field where ethics, authentic care and dedication are exceedingly rare, I found them in my experience with Matthew Benzion.

Before hiring Matthew Benzion as my family law attorney, I felt hopeless. Months of shepherding myself and my children through the broken system of family law left me with very very low expectations. However, Matthew and his exceptional assistant, Christine, emerged as beacons of hope. They provided invaluable support, expert representation, and dedication to achieve a positive outcome for my family.

When I came to Matthew Benzion, I was facing an adversarial ex-spouse and his very aggressive, unethical attorney, but Matthew was able to cut through the noise, prioritizing what mattered for my case and my children’s well-being. His collaborative approach and sincere commitment to doing what was right stood out among others in family law.

Christine’s kindness and expertise were truly appreciated throughout the process. Together, Matthew worked tirelessly, advocating for our rights and best interests. My children and I are deeply grateful for his hard work and dedication on our behalf.

In a field where ethics, authentic care and dedication are exceedingly rare, I found them in my experience with Matthew Benzion. His exceptional representation, and years of experience really made all the difference. With his guidance, support, and legal acumen, Matthew is a totally rare find in the challenging realm of family law.

I wholeheartedly recommend Matthew to anyone seeking exceptional family law representation. His compassion, ethics. expertise, and genuine commitment to his clients will help you navigate the complexities and chaos of family law to secure what is most important, a better future for your family. Thank you, Matt (and Christine), for all your hard work.

-Posted by Jennifer, a Divorce Client
A true God send who cares about the well being of his clients.

Ive dealt with my share of lawyers throughout the years and honestly they all made me sick. So when faced with a Custody battle, my stomach dropped at the thought of hiring another attorney. However, I got lucky. I was referred to Mr. Matt Benzion. Professional, efficient, considerate, down to earth, driven. A true God send who cares about the well being of his clients. Never once did I feel like I was pestering him and he was always on the ball. I would HIGHLY recommend Matt to anyone in need of a family law attorney.

-Posted by Holly, a Paternity Client