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Establishing the paternity of a child can be a critical step in a number of legal proceedings, especially in the multifaceted arena of family law. By proving paternity, the lives of a father, mother, and child alike can all change for the better.

If you live in Florida and need to establish parentage, a highly qualified paternity lawyer from Benzion Law can assist you today. When you decide to work with a skilled attorney, you can trust that your case will be handled with care.

Paternity Lawyers Committed to Your Case

At Benzion Law, Attorney Matt Benzion is well aware of just how significant paternity cases may be. Every paternity case holds an immense gravity that can have lifelong consequences, whether good or bad.

Matt is committed to providing steadfast support and powerful legal guidance to any Florida resident going through the complex proceedings of proving paternity. No matter what your goals may be, don’t hesitate to bring your paternity case to us today.

Understanding Legal Paternity in the State of Florida

In the simplest terms, “paternity” under Florida law refers to the state’s recognition of a father’s relationship with his child. There are numerous rights and responsibilities inherent to that relationship, making paternity central to other family law concepts like child custody and child support.

Our comprehensive legal services are designed to guide you through this process in an efficient and cost-effective way. While Florida authorities strive to resolve cases in a way that upholds the best interests of minor children, paternity testing can be notoriously slow when left up to the whims of a state judicial process.

At Benzion Law, Matt leverages his extensive network of resources to help clients establish paternity with minimal disruption to their proceedings.

Some of the services Benzion Law can provide to clients involved in paternity cases include:

  • Impeccable Family Law Knowledge and Skills – Under the leadership of an experienced family lawyer, Benzion Law is equipped to take on almost any contentious family law challenge, no matter how challenging it may seem. Matt’s approach to paternity matters is informed by his years of success in the broader realm of family law.
  • Understanding Parental Rights and Responsibilities – Establishing paternity has far-reaching implications for fathers and children. Understanding the full breadth of rights and responsibilities connected to legal paternity is a challenge in itself.  Attorney Matt Benzion will help make sure you understand everything that is required of you, as well as help you uphold your parental rights.
  • Child Custody and Child Support Representation – The topic of legal paternity often intersects with child custody and child support cases. Our Boca Raton paternity services include navigating these sensitive matters to secure an optimal outcome for you and your children.
  • End-to-End Legal Guidance – The legal process of establishing paternity can be complex, and waiting for results can be a cause of great stress. Your paternity lawyer can be there to guide you through each step, making your case flow as smoothly as possible.

Why Paternity Matters: Looking at Florida’s Laws

The concept of paternity carries many legal and personal implications in the State of Florida. The following are some of the main reasons paternity is such an important concept:

  • Legal Recognition – Establishing paternity provides legal recognition of a father’s relationship with their child. In addition to providing clarity and peace of mind for all parties, this ensures that the child has the right to financial support, inheritances, and various other benefits from both parents.
  • Custody and Visitation – Determining paternity is essential when defining parental rights in the areas of custody, visitation, and time-sharing. A clear determination allows all parties to move forward and make custody arrangements and visitation schedules. This gives fathers who may not have been able to see their children the opportunity to legally spend time with them again.
  • Access to Medical Information – Establishing paternity also comes with implications if you ever need to seek medical care for your child. In most cases, only a legal parent or guardian can access a child’s medical history, which can be an extremely important resource when making informed decisions about healthcare and medical treatments.
  • Financial Support – Determining paternity can also be a crucial part of securing financial resources for a child. The child support system is put in place so that both of a child’s parents are obligated to contribute to their upbringing. In some cases, paternity testing is necessary to identify the second parent as a first step to establishing this legal obligation.
  • Educational Decisions – Legal paternity is also required for a father who wants to make decisions about their child’s education and other key aspects of their life.
  • Emotional and Psychological Benefits – In addition to the established benefits that most children receive from simply having a healthy relationship with their parents, knowing one’s biological identity can also contribute to a person’s life-long sense of well-being, belonging, and self-acceptance.
  • Protection of Parental Rights – For fathers, establishing legal paternity beyond any shadow of a doubt ensures they have legal footing when fighting to protect their parental rights. Fathers have a legal right to actively participate in their children’s lives, and having clear proof of paternity can be an extremely powerful tool when conflicts or disputes arise.

How Much Does it Cost to Establish Paternity in Florida?

The cost of legally establishing paternity can vary depending on the circumstances of the case, the extent of testing required, and the lab or specific technology used for testing. In some cases, paternity testing will be ordered through the Florida Department of Revenue.

When this happens, the parties involved most likely don’t have to pay out of pocket. A mother, father, or presumed father can petition the court to have paternity testing done through the state if needed.

In other cases, a father–or someone wrongly presumed to be a father–might want to be proactive about paternity testing and get his own testing done.

This way, they will be armed with confirmed lab results before matters ever proceed to a courtroom. Private paternity testing in Florida typically costs a few hundred dollars. While there is some upfront cost to this strategy, it can be an effective tactic.

The Firm takes great pride in the transparent billing practices. If you choose Benzion Law for legal representation in a paternity case, Matt will help you understand exactly what you’re paying for and why. There will be no confusion when it comes time to break down your legal fees and the cost of any paternity tests.

Do Fathers Receive Rights When Their Name Is on Their Child’s Birth Certificate?

While being listed on a birth certificate is indeed a powerful recognition of paternity, it may not be enough to establish full legal rights, especially if the mother later contests paternity or claims someone else to be the child’s father.

Your marital status may also come into play when dealing with parentage. However, Florida’s 2023 “Good Dad” law now allows unwed fathers to claim parentage of their children.

It is important to note, however, that this tool can only be implemented with the support and agreement of the mother. If the mother contests the unwed father’s paternity, additional activities will be needed to establish parentage in a court of law.

It is natural to be hurt and upset if you are denied access to your child due to someone else’s deception or malfeasance. You must respond to such stressful situations with wisdom and strategy, rather than emotion, for your own good and that of your child.

The paternity lawyer at Benzion Law can guide you through any additional steps needed to confirm paternity. Don’t wait to secure the parental rights you deserve.

What Happens If You Have a Baby with Someone Else While Married in Florida?

If you have a child with another person outside of your marriage, this may create some legal complications. However, a trusted attorney can help you better understand the proceedings you may face and the legal responsibilities you may be assigned.

If you need any form of paternity assistance, whether you need a test performed or you’d like to dispute a claim, Boca Raton paternity lawyer Matt Benzion is prepared to help however possible.

Benzion Law of Boca Raton: Florida’s Premiere Paternity Lawyer

As a parent, it can be difficult to watch your child live their life while not playing a part in it. Proving paternity helps change the lives of countless fathers, mothers, and children in Florida every year. If you are looking to establish or dispute parentage in Florida, it’s essential that you take legal action as soon as you are able.

As Boca Raton’s dedicated, full-service paternity and family law firm, Benzion Law is ready to serve parents during complex and contentious paternity proceedings. Matt understands just how important these cases can be and have the resources needed to advocate for both you and your child.

Contact the Firm today to schedule a consultation and discuss your paternity needs with compassionate family law attorney, Matt Benzion.