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Family law is a complex, multifaceted, and emotionally sensitive area of the legal system. This tends to make it easy for disputes to arise. Whether you’re dividing marital assets in a divorce or trying to hash out a visitation arrangement as part of child custody proceedings, a Boca Raton mediation lawyer from Benzion Law can connect you with mediation services and other effective alternative dispute resolution methods.

With family law mediation services from Benzion Law, you can work to make amicable agreements outside of court and find resolutions where everyone feels comfortable.

Finding Compromises with the Help of a Boca Raton Mediator

The goal of mediation at Benzion Law is to facilitate constructive dialogue that leads to collaborative and mutually acceptable solutions. Matt Benzion’s skills in this area go well beyond divvying up assets and helping with negotiations, as his compassion and knowledge of family law allows him to guide everyone toward solutions they feel are fair. The Firm’s mediation services are designed to give personalized attention to each party, allowing everyone’s voices and interests to be heard.

Benzion Law Mediation Services in Boca Raton, FL

Benzion Law of Boca Raton offers comprehensive mediation services that focus on collaboration. The Firm is committed to yielding positive results for you and your family, no matter how contentious things may seem. A high-quality resolution is not merely one that gets an agreement quickly; it’s one that sets his clients up for a bright future beyond their case.

You have many choices for mediation services in the State of Florida. Benzion Law appreciates you taking the time to come here today to learn about mediation by attorney Matt Benzion. Here are some of the key elements that sets the Firm’s services apart from the competition:

  • Flat Rate Fee Schedule – A cornerstone of the Benzion Law method is empowering our clients and prospective clients through fair and clear pricing. In addition to excellent dispute resolution outcomes, our mediation services are affordable and predictable.
  • No-Charge Document Review and Agreement Prep – Attorney Matt Benzion values your time, which is why he is dedicated to understanding the full extent of your case. He will work to handle the legal aspects, such as document review, to help you focus on your own needs outside of family law. He will even assist in drafting the contracts for you so that you can secure the agreements you have reached in mediation.
  • No Cancellation Fees – Life is unpredictable, and that can be especially true when you’re going through a stressful family issue. Matt respects that, so there is never a cancellation fee when you need to drop a planned mediation session. This provides his clients with additional flexibility and peace of mind during challenging times. After all, he is here to support you, not just provide legal advice.
  • Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator – Benzion Law’s mediation services set the standard in Florida, as they are backed by the legal acumen of a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator. This rigorous certification ensures that Matt Benzion has the skills and training necessary to guide parties toward fair and mutually agreeable outcomes, even in the most contentious cases.

What Should You Not Say During Mediation?

During mediation, it’s crucial to avoid confrontational, exaggerated, or accusatory language. It’s perfectly normal for you and your ex not to be on strong terms, but this doesn’t mean that mediation cannot work.

Keeping things professional, factual, and detached from emotional baggage while in mediation will allow for the most productive environment. In turn, this can yield the most optimal results. When in doubt, let the mediator guide the conversation.

If you’re entering mediation and want to retain private legal counsel to advise you on specific topics, please don’t hesitate to contact the Benzion Law of Boca Raton. Attorney Matt Benzion has seen–and heard–it all and can put his extensive knowledge of mediation to work for you. Matt’s track record of client satisfaction in mediation has him well-positioned to assist in a range of scenarios.

Who Pays for Mediation in Florida?

The cost of mediation in Florida is typically shared between the parties involved. In the case of divorce mediation, the mediation fee can simply be deducted from the marital assets before they are divided among the ex-spouses.

Since 1987, Florida law mandates that judges in civil trials, such as divorces, have the authority to refer cases for alternative resolution methods like mediation. These referrals are governed by procedures established by the Florida State Supreme Court. When mediation is court-ordered, the court will likely include language stating which party, or parties, will be responsible for the cost of mediation.

Benzion Law’s accessible flat rate mediation fee schedule allows Floridians to accurately budget for mediation services. Contact the Boca Raton office today for more information.

How Long Does Mediation Take in Florida?

The duration of mediation activities will vary based on the complexity of the issues, as well as any resistance on the part of one party or the other. While mediation is meant to be collaborative and mutually beneficial, a confrontational disposition can present a serious roadblock.

On the other hand, divorcing couples with simple assets and no minor children might successfully mediate their divorce in as little as a single session when things are amicable.

Working with a highly skilled mediator from Benzion Law can help diffuse conflicts and ensure your mediation timeline doesn’t get out of hand. If you’re concerned mediation is taking too long or is ineffective, make sure you discuss your case with a professional.

Benzion Law of Boca Raton: Effective Mediation for Your Family Law Needs

Whether you made the difficult decision to end your marriage or you’re facing contentious child custody disputes, mediator Matt Benzion is prepared to guide you through any family law case. The Firm’s mediation services promote constructive environments where both parties can comfortably collaborate to find resolutions.

If you or a loved one are looking for assistance in alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation, Benzion Law is here to help. Contact the Firm today to schedule your consultation and start working toward compromises.