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When you find yourself dealing with the sensitive and emotionally charged issue of child custody, working with a practiced Boca Raton child custody lawyer is crucial. Partnering with a reputable child custody attorney for legal representation during hearings doesn’t just allow you to face the legal process with more confidence; it also helps to safeguard your parental rights and the well-being of your children.

A Dedicated Child Custody and Family Law Firm in Boca Raton

As your dedicated Boca Raton child custody lawyer Benzion Law is committed to providing compassionate and effective legal guidance from beginning to end, no matter how long it takes or how complex your case may be. A Florida child custody case can be extremely challenging for those who lack specific training in the area, even under fairly straightforward circumstances. Thanks to the world-class child custody attorney at Benzion Law, there’s no need to handle it alone.

Understanding Child Custody Cases in Florida

Child custody cases involve the determination of the legal and physical responsibilities of parents. Child custody is distinct from each parent’s financial responsibilities, which are determined through the separate but closely related process of child support. Rather than financial matters, child custody deals with where a child lives and when. Known as “timesharing”. It is the parent’s schedule with the child. The other child custody issue relates to which parent is responsible for the day-to-day decisions related to their care and upbringing, known as physical and legal custody.

A typical child custody case involves the legal process of deciding which parent gets to physically keep their child or children when the parents are not cohabitating under the same roof. However, custody cases can sometimes involve grandparents, guardians, state agencies, and other third parties. In other words, custody is not strictly a principle to be invoked in divorce proceedings, although that is often the context in which custody battles arise.

The Benzion Law approach to navigating child custody matters is one that offers assertive legal solutions and powerful advocacy for your parental rights while also fully respecting the sensitivity and delicacy of your situation. After all, everyone involved in this process wants what’s right for your children. That’s why the Firm prioritize solutions that are quiet, swift, and collaborative whenever possible.

When amicable solutions are not on the table, however, Matt prioritizes making sure that your needs and concerns are articulated to the court in a clear and compelling way. The state, your ex, and even the children themselves will all surely have their own perspectives on what their best interests are, but your Benzion Law child custody lawyer will ensure that your own views are heard and respected in this process.

How a Benzion Law Child Custody Lawyer Can Assist You

Some of the services offered to Floridians going through child custody cases include:

  • Unmatched Legal Acumen – The Firm’s reputation throughout Boca Raton and the surrounding areas speaks for itself. Attorney Matt Benzion has spent years helping residents of Florida fight for the rights of themselves and their children.
  • Demystifying Parental Responsibility – Determining and assigning the many facets of parental responsibility is a crucial aspect of any child custody case. It is difficult to obtain greater than equal decision making rights, and 50/50 co-parenting is very likely outcome in many custody cases and is often the most positive outcome for the children involved.
  • Broad Family Law Skill Set – In addition to being highly qualified in Florida child custody matters, Matt is equally adept in a broad range of other family law topics. This allows us to successfully handle complex child custody cases that are entangled with other family law issues, like divorce or adoption.
  • Time-Sharing Agreements – Co-parenting is often a great outcome for the children involved in a divorce, but working out the precise details of the time-sharing schedule can be stressful and may even cause unnecessary friction in an otherwise amicable divorce. Allow the Firm to take some of the pressure off by taking the lead in negotiations.
  • Custody Disputes – When custody is disputed, the legal process can be mentally and emotionally draining. Matt will exhaust all possible avenues for swift and effective alternative dispute resolution strategies, but he is also prepared to fight in court for your parental rights, your reputation, and the well-being of your children when necessary.
  • Paternity Testing Assistance – If you’re looking for someone in Boca Raton, FL, or throughout Palm Beach or Broward County, who can help connect you with paternity testing services pursuant to a child custody case, please reach out to Benzion Law offices today.

How Much Is a Child Custody Lawyer in Florida?

The cost of a child custody lawyer is much like any other legal service in that the price can vary depending on your local market conditions, the complexity of your case, and the quality of your attorney. At Benzion Law of Boca Raton, Matt takes pride in the Firm’s fair and transparent billing practices. Part of the firm’s commitment to the client’s satisfaction is making sure that they fully understand the financial aspects of legal representation and the services they’ll receive.

What Is Florida’s New Custody Law as of 2023?

In 2023, Florida made an update to its time-sharing laws for child custody cases. It is now automatically presumed in all child custody cases that equal time-sharing is in the child’s best interests. However, this is considered a “rebuttable presumption,” meaning that a parent or other invested party can attempt to prove that equal time-sharing is not in the best interests of the child.

Another relevant 2023 Florida law is the bipartisan “Good Dad” law. This law creates a powerful legal avenue by which an unwed father can establish paternity without going to court, so long as the mother agrees and confirms them to be the father. Combined with the aforementioned update to time-sharing laws, this would mean that an unwed father is entitled to equal time-sharing in custody arrangements unless it is proven that equal time-sharing would not be in the interest of the child.

Benzion Law: Boca Raton’s Trusted Child Custody Lawyer

If you’re going through child custody proceedings in Boca Raton and need legal guidance, please contact the office to set up a consultation. The Firm’s talented and successful child custody lawyer are here for you and your children when you need us most. Don’t hesitate to see what Benzion Law can do for you today.