Posted by Jose, a Divorce client

I echo the reviews of all other of Matt’s clients. He’s amazing. He is first of all a caring human being and second an excellent lawyer. For my divorce I hired two other lawyers before him who were more than glad to take my money and do nothing. With Matt from the beginning it was different, he understood, planned, and worked with me all the way through and we got to the final court with a very satisfactory agreement between my exwife and I that we would have never reached without Matt. He worked very hard and looked at every single detail of the agreement to make sure I wasn’t going to be stuck with something that I was going to regret later on. At the same time that he was working on my divorce he helped me on two other legal issues and once again, like a champ. Like others already stated, he is very human and will take your case personally, something rare with lawyers. I absolutely recommend him.

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