Posted by Jennifer, a Divorce Client

Before hiring Matthew Benzion as my family law attorney, I felt hopeless. Months of shepherding myself and my children through the broken system of family law left me with very very low expectations. However, Matthew and his exceptional assistant, Christine, emerged as beacons of hope. They provided invaluable support, expert representation, and dedication to achieve a positive outcome for my family.

When I came to Matthew Benzion, I was facing an adversarial ex-spouse and his very aggressive, unethical attorney, but Matthew was able to cut through the noise, prioritizing what mattered for my case and my children’s well-being. His collaborative approach and sincere commitment to doing what was right stood out among others in family law.

Christine’s kindness and expertise were truly appreciated throughout the process. Together, Matthew worked tirelessly, advocating for our rights and best interests. My children and I are deeply grateful for his hard work and dedication on our behalf.

In a field where ethics, authentic care and dedication are exceedingly rare, I found them in my experience with Matthew Benzion. His exceptional representation, and years of experience really made all the difference. With his guidance, support, and legal acumen, Matthew is a totally rare find in the challenging realm of family law.

I wholeheartedly recommend Matthew to anyone seeking exceptional family law representation. His compassion, ethics. expertise, and genuine commitment to his clients will help you navigate the complexities and chaos of family law to secure what is most important, a better future for your family. Thank you, Matt (and Christine), for all your hard work.

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