Posted by Donnie, Child Custody Client

Knowledgeable but not arrogant. Strategic but not aggressive. Patient but timely. Responsive, concise and highly effective.

Matthew Benzion has my highest recommendation! I hired Matthew Benzion for my child custody case after retaining a previously well-known attorney. My son’s mother had every intention of delaying the case to the point of obstructing any progress. There was a custody order in place which gave her majority time-sharing; needless to say, it was an uphill battle. We failed mediation, failed multiple negotiations and ended up going to trial. Mr. Benzion guided me to not only overturning the existing court order but winning majority time-sharing of my son.

Peace of mind: Mr. Benzion handled her and her attorney’s strategy with tact and precision. He was persistent and continually reminded me of the bigger picture. Along the way, he understood and communicated which battles we should fight and which ones we shouldn’t. At no time did he lose sight of the end-game and at no time did he promise me a specific outcome. He patiently and carefully dealt with matters at hand and reminded me to do the same.
Responsiveness: Mr. Benzion always responded quickly and concisely. He was also communicative when issues arose that I needed to be aware of.

Demeanor: I had the opportunity to have Mr. Benzion represent me at 5 hearings during the course of my case. I was present for two of these hearings as well as a 7 hour trial. He was always very well prepared, eloquent as well as objective in his delivery. During the course of the case, I also had many conversations with Mr. Benzion regarding too many issues to list. His solutions and advice were mature and sound. I never finished a conversation questioning his knowledge or his proposed solution.

If you are looking for an attorney that is going to bury your ex or strip your child away from the other parent, Mr. Benzion is not your guy. But if you are looking for a fair, objective, and judicious attorney, look no further.

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