Posted by a Mother, Child Custody Client

I am a mom that has been actively engaged in a four year long custody battle. Anyone who is in this position knows the anxiety, the trepidation, and the feeling of powerlessness that, unfortunately, is a part of child custody battles. During the first two years these feelings were only amplified by the inadequate charlatans, (a.k.a. attorneys), whom I had chose to legally represent me. These people took my money and let me down time and time again. After arriving at the conclusion that it was an endless racquet, I chose to go pro se. It was during this period that I was referred to Matt Benzion. I retained him, and from the first time he represented me; in front of the same judge, everything changed for the better. Matt is a fighter, indeed. Very professional and tough. To me he is a total success. I truly believe it is Matt’s character and conviction that has made all the difference in this case. As a family law attorney you cannot ask for more than Matt Benzion. His concern form me and my son is nothing short of genuine. Other lawyers I have retained have seemed to use fear for their benefit, (at least in my opinion). Matt Benzion is an authentic human being, a rarity in this profession. If you are looking for an attorney that truly cares and is truly professional, Matt is the one.

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